Transcendental Meditation Course

Darb 1718 is pleased to announce the call to participate in the Transcendental Meditation course with the first Certified TM meditation teacher in Egypt, Miral Shaaban taking place on April 10 - 14, 2014.
What is the TM® technique?
It is a simple, natural, effortless technique practiced 20 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.
The TM technique is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice, and is not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. Over five million people of all ages, cultures, and religions have learned it .
Over 350 published research studies have found that the TM technique produces many benefits, including:
  • greater inner calm throughout the day
  • reduced cortisol (known as the “stress hormone”)
  • normalized blood pressure
  • lower risk of heart attack and stroke
  • reduced anxiety and depression
  • improved learning ability and memory
  • reduced insomnia
For more information about Transcendental Meditation please visit the web site on
About the instructor:
Miral Shaaban, B.A Business & MBA in Management.
She has worked for the last 17 years, in the Human Resources field within the Banking & Financial Sector.
Her passion to help people and make a difference in their lives were the driving forces to change her life trajectory and become the First Egyptian Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a self development technique.
Course timings and program;
Free introductory talk by a certified TM teacher
(45–50 minutes)
What you’ll learn:
·       Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
·       How TM naturally promotes wellness
·       What happens during TM
·       Why anyone can practice TM
·       Why TM works from the start
Free private meeting (5–10 minutes)
Personal interview with a certified TM teacher
Personal instruction (1–2 hours)
Instruction in the TM technique with a certified TM teacher
Note: TM course fee is required at this step
Three days of checking (60–90 minutes per day)
Verifying correctness of the practice and further instruction
Free lifetime follow-up and support
Your TM course includes a range of programs to enrich your understanding and experience and ensure that you are gaining the most from your practice. These are available to all TM course participants at no cost with any TM Teacher.
TM Course Tuition : 1400 LE
First 3 steps will be introduced on the first day for free
If you choose to take the course, participants must commit to four consecutive days to complete the other 4 steps. TM Course Tuition fee is required on that day.
Course dates:
Thursday April 10 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Friday April 11: one hour that will be scheduled with the teacher according the participant schedule.
Saturday April 12: from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Sunday April 13: from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Monday April 14: from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
To book your place, kindly fill in the Registration Form maximum by March 30, 2014.
For inquiries please call 01000022590
Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center
Kasr El Sham3 Street, Al Fakhareen – Old Cairo, Behind the Hanging Church and Amr Mosque
Tel.: +2 23 610 511
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