Regulation of Participation in the Comics Workshops

Regulation of participation in the workshop of the Project
"Women for Democratic (R)evolution"
organized by Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury in Gdańsk,
 Arteria Association
and Darb 1718
with the support from Anna Lindh Foundation
1.      The workshops are organized by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk, in partnership with the Arteria Association and Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center, hereinafter referred to as Partners, with financial support from the Anna Lindh Foundation.
2.      The workshops are internal part of the 8. Festival of World Cultures “Window onto the world”.
3.      Workshops are addressed to women between 18-35 years old who are interested in comic art and social affairs. 30 women will be qualified to participate in workshops, including 10 women from Tri-city,  10 women from outside Tri-city and 10 women from Egypt.
4.      The project aims at integrating participants from Poland and Egypt and helping participants to gain skills to express freely and creatively their views in artistic works.
1.      The participants of the workshops can be a woman aged between 18 and 35.
2.      Participation in the workshops is free of charge.
3.      Workshops are led in English.
4.      Decision about qualification will be made on the basis of a properly filled in application form (scanned/filled in) that shall be sent to until 20th August 2013 for applicants from Egypt and to 20th September for applicants from Poland. Examples of artistic works in the form of photos or scans should be attached to the email. Within two days of sending the form we will confirm receiving it by e-mail. In the case you need any more information please contact us again. Decision of qualification for participation in the project will be sent by e-mail until 30th August (Egypt) and 30th September (Poland) 2013.
5.      Decision about qualification will be made by a jury, consisting of 3 people connected with comic art, on the basis of received application forms and the artistic works in the form of photos or scans, not on the basis of application forms order. Participants will be chosen on the basis of their motivation to participate in the project, artistic skills and knowledge of English.
6.      People qualified for the workshops should bring a completed and signed application form for the first meeting.
7.      Each participant undertakes regular and punctual participation in the workshops. Submitting a signed application form is synonymous with declaration of participation in all workshops and accompanying events (intercultural workshop, cultural program, exhibition after workshops in Gdańsk). The programme will take place between 10th -16th November, in the Old Town Hall in Gdansk ( Korzena street 33/35) - the Seat of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. Information about any changes in schedule will be sent by the Organizer via e-mail.
8.      Each participant agrees to actively participate in the workshops, i.e. the creation of tangible outcomes of the workshops – comic works that will be presented at the exhibitions and in an on-line publication.
9.      Participants who enter for the project undertake to transfer the proprietary copyrights to works created during workshops to the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (BSCC) and Partners and let BSCC and Partners use and manage adaptations of the works, as well as transfer to BSCC and Partners the right to allow using and managing adaptations of works. BSCC and Partners undertake to grant third parties with licenses for creative works and other materials containing or produced on the basis of these works, with provisions identical to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY) license, available online or this licence in any other language version or any updated version of the same licence, published by Creative Commons organization.
10.  The organizer will provide:

Participants from Egypt:
- Flight Cairo- Gdańsk -Cairo
- Visa to Poland
- Accommodation and meals for duration of the project
- Local transport
- Entrance fees, local guides as part of the cultural program
- Insurance
-Workshop materials 
Participants from Poland (from outside the Tri-City):
-Reimbursement of travel expenses to the amount of 200 zł / pers. for the return ticket
- Accommodation and meals for the duration of the project
- Local transport
- Entrance fees, local guides as part of the cultural program
- Workshop materials
Participants from Tri-City:
 - Meals for the duration of the project
 - Entrance fees, local guides as part of the cultural program
 - Workshop materials

11.  Participants acknowledge that the total value and cost of the project "Women for the Democratic (R)evolution," per one participant is 5000,00 zł (five thousand zlotys 00/100) for participants from Egypt and 3000,00 (three thousand zlotys 00/100) for participants from Poland and this is covered entirely by the Organizer - Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk.
12.  The participation in the workshops referred to in paragraph 1 is free of charge, as long as the participant does not resign from participation in workshops informing about the fact of unjustified resignation later than one month before the beginning of the workshop or after the purchase of flight tickets, or resigns from the workshop or won’t participate in them without sending any information via email to: and receiving confirmation of email delivery to the Organizer – Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, represented by Agnieszka Cichocka, except for unforeseeable and unpreventable incident of force majeure which had influence upon the participation in the project.


13.  In case of cancellation of participation or non-participation in the workshop, in the circumstances set out in paragraph 11, the Organizer - Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk will have the right to request from the participant the total cost of participation in the workshops of 5000,00 zł (five thousand zlotys 00/100) for participants from Egypt and 3000,00 (three thousand zlotys 00/100) for participants from Poland.
14.  In case of the duty to pay to the Organizer - Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk refund of the cost of participant’s participation in the workshop, referred to in paragraph 12, the participant is required to transfer to the bank account of the Organizer the above mentioned sum within 14 days from the date of delivery to the participant.
15.  For the delay in the payment the Organizer shall be entitled to statutory interest.
16.  Participants are responsible for equipment entrusted to them during the workshop, bear the potential costs of repair or redemption of damaged equipment.
17.  Organizer are not responsible for any equipment brought by participants.
18.   Participants authorize the Organizer and its Partners to the indefinite, in time and territory, usage of their images and to the registration of the project in photo, audio and video formats and the use of photographic and film material in the Organizer’s and Partners’ promotional activities, including publications, media materials, Internet portals and social networking profiles concerning the project and on the following fields of exploitation:
- recording with the photo, audio or audio-video technique in any format on any carriers, including digital ones, recording in computer memory
- public replaying;
- broadcasting in its entirety or any parts through cable or wireless vision and sound systems with any technique, irrespective of the system, standard and format, including broadcasting via ground stations, cable broadcasting, and satellite broadcasting
- posting on the website of the Organizer, Partners and Anna Lindh Foundation with the right to free of charge usage by an unlimited number of people in an unlimited time bracket;
- usage for advertising and promotional purposes of statutory operations of the Ordering Party with the right to free of charge usage by an unlimited number of people in an unlimited time bracket.
19.  Participants agree to process their personal data in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text. Coll. Laws of 2002, No. 101, item. 926, as amended. D.). The participants declare that they take note that their personal data will be processed solely for the purpose of the project and its evaluation, control and reporting.
20.  For more information, please call:
+48 604 636 615 – Agnieszka Cichocka, +48 502559813 – Anna Miler
+ 20 128 150 9219 – May Shehab
or contact via email:
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