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  • Pottery for Beginners Workshop

    Darb 1718 is happy to organise “Pottery for Beginners” workshop with the instructor Abdelhakim Sayed. The workshop will be held from the 14th January to the 15th of February, every
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  • December Mashrou3 Al Mareekh Open Mic

    يوستفاندي المريخ – ميكروفون مفتوح   السنة خلاص بتخلص،  وإحنا بنعمل آخر مشروع مريخ السنة دي. البسوا تقيل. هاتوا حكايتكم وأحلامكم وقصصكم وتعالوا شاركونا حواديت السنة دي. ورونا اتعلمتم إيه
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  • Darb 1718 8th Anniversary

    Darb 1718 is happy to announce the celebration of its 8th Anniversary on December 9th 2016. Darb 1718 serves as a platform to encourage local and international artists to present their art
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