Once Upon a Time Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…”



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Once Upon a Time Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…” by Sabry Zekry on 11 and 12 December, 2013 at 7 pm.

Directed & story: Sabry Zekry
Text: Collective work
Performed by Naglaa’ Younes and Abd El-Rahman Nasser
Visual artist : Hany homous

This production was made possible through Culture Recourse’s Production Awards Program.
Sarin Hamoudeh, a political prisoner, has been on hunger strike for a month for being refused visits from her husband and her nine year old son Fereidoon. Gripped by mental turmoil and confusion, Sarin decides to write to her son about the Shahnama legend of “Zahhak” (the king who harbours two snakes over his shoulders). However, Sarin is denied by the prison guard “Kaveh” access to pen and paper to write the letter and thus she decides instead to secretly write her story on a handkerchief using her eyeliner. Whilst writing, she imagines herself in the place of Faranak, the mother of the other Fereidoon in the Shahnama legend, and her words are therefore spoken by Faranak. The prison guard “Kaveh” taken by Sarin’s behavior, decides in the end to deliver the letter to her son.

Sabry Zekry

Sabry Zekry is an Iranian-Egyptian multidisciplinary artist, whose work includes acting, filmmaking, photography, script writing and theater directing. Born in 1978, he received his Diploma in Film-making and Conceptual Photography in 2006 and in 2011 he received his B.A. in Theater Directing. His strong interest in drama and physical theater, combined with a strong sense for the visual, led him to develop his own characteristic blend of theater and scenography

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