kalarippayattu Martial Arts Classes at Darb 1718

Darb 1718 is pleased to present regular Kalarippayattu Martial Arts classes given by The Iranian-Egyptian instructor Sabry Zekry at the Lotus Yoga Studio (located at Darb 1718).
October/ November schedule starts on 29th October, 2013 from 7 pm to 9 pm and continues every Tuesday of the week.
29 October and  5, 12, 19, 26 November from 7 pm to 9 pm.
What is Kalarippayattu?
Kalarippayattu originates from the southern Indian state of Kerala and is often considered to be the father of all martial arts. The name literally means a space/school (kalari) of exercises/fighting (payattu). Historical sources confirm the existence of kalarippayattu from at least the 12th Century AD.
Regular practice of kalarippayattu enables one to achieve flexibility, agility and co-ordination of the body, to develop strength and stamina, concentration and sense of direction, and most importantly, it makes people aware of their possibilities, allowing them to control their energy and shape their spiritual attitude.
Kallary is good for actors and dancers because through the technique they will work with rhythm, space, flexibility and balance. This can help them to find their own rhythm, flexibility in their body as well as find the dynamic of the space and the sense of group that actors or dancers need on stage. Also kallary movements can inspire you to create new choreographies in dance or dramatic movements with text in theatre.
Thanks to its multi-faceted character kalarippayattu has something to offer martial artists, yoga practitioners, actors and dancers and anyone else interested in searching for a new form of movement which is based on conscious work on one's self and which also enables a physical expression of one's own character.

About the instructor:
Sabry Zekry is an Iranian-Egyptian multidisciplinary artist, whose work includes acting, film making, photography, script writing and theater directing. Born in 1978, he received his Diploma in Film-making and Conceptual Photography in 2006 and in 2011 he received his B.A. in Theater Directing.
His strong interest in drama and physical theater, combined with a strong sense of the visual, led him to develop his own characteristic blend of theater and scenography. In his performances, Zekry presents a mix between Experimental and Environmental Theater as well as the Iranian “Ta’zieh” technique, which in the Persian cultural context it is a sort of Condolence Theater inspired by historical and religious events, symbolizing epic spirit and resistance.
For farther information please visit website: http://sabryzekry.wix.com/sabry-zekry
Workshop language:

Materials needed for the workshop:
Comfortable clothes

Workshop fees:
Drop in class 100 EGP
Package for 4 classes 360 EGP
Special price for students

To book your place, please fill in the registration form
Registration Form:  http://www.darb1718.com/kalarippayattu-workshop-booking-form/

Please note that you need to fill in the registration form even if you are coming for the drop in class.
For inquiries please call 01000022590.

يتشرف  مركز درب ١٧١٨ بتقديم ورشة  الفنون القتالية الهندية الكالاريباياتو  التى يقدمها المدرب الايراني المصري صبري زكري بصفة مستديمة شهريا  بدأ من يوم ٢٩ اكتوبر في لوتس يوجا ستوديو (يقع في مركز درب ١٧١٨).
مواعيد الورشة:
يوم ٢٩ اكتوبر و٥ و ١٢ و ١٩ و ٢٦ من نوفمبر
ايام الثلاثاء من كل اسبوع فى تمام الساعة السابعة حتى التاسعة مساءا
عن الورشة:
لا يعتبر الكالاريباياتو شكلًا من أشكال اليوجا أو التاي شي، بل هو واحد من أقدم الفنون القتالية المعروفة. وحركاته مستوحاه من الطبيعة وحركات الحيوانات. ويُعرف مكان التدريب على هذا الفن القتالي باسم كالاري أما ممارسته فتعرف باسم باياتو. وستشمل أيام التدريب التسعة تمرينات بدنية لتعزيز القوة والمرونة والتوازن. ولذلك ستبدأ التمرينات بتدريب الجسد وتحقيق التوازن الذهني.
رسوم الإشتراك:
حصة واحدة: ١٠٠ جنيه
سعر ٤ حصص: ٣٦٠ جنيه
سعر خاص للطلبة
تقدم الورشة باللغة الانجليزية
للتسجيل يرجى ملىء إستمارة الحجز
إستمارة الحجز:  http://www.darb1718.com/kalarippayattu-workshop-booking-form/
للإستعلام: يرجي الإتصال ٠١٠٠٠٠٢٢٥٩٠
برجاء ملىء استمارة الحجز حتى فى حالة الحصة الواحدة


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