Darb 1718’s long-term vision is to promote social change, to sensitize people and to expand their horizons through the inspiration and education of artists and the broader community.




We aim to achieve this vision by advancing the contemporary art movement in Egypt, offering services that support, cultivate and sustain the burgeoning art scene in our country.  
More specifically, we support contemporary arts in Egypt by:
· Providing a full-fledged arts and culture facility for artists and the public in Egypt;  
· Providing suitable spaces and resources for arts education workshops, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, independent film screenings and arts activities for children, youth, the disabled and the elderly;
· Discovering young talented individuals who use various fields of artistic expression and linking them to the local and international art scene,
· Providing guidance, training and services to promote creativity and free artistic expression in Egypt and abroad;
· Promoting underground music and innovative art forms;
· Providing local artists with opportunities for international exposure and cross-cultural exchanges;
· Inviting foreign artists to experience and learn from Egyptian culture and to share their knowledge;
· Public outreach by moving the arts to unusual public spaces in the form of community events and street festivals throughout the country;
· Community engagement through the arts;
· Awareness campaigns and advocacy;
· Continuous collaborations with other arts, education and tourism organizations locally and internationally.
We believe that artists are beacons for change and direction in society. We can challenge mainstream thinking and promote peace and understanding through the international language of art.



Community Development

Darb 1718 also aims to have a long-term impact on the entire geographic area of Fustat surrounding the cultural center.  Darb 1718 is located in an neighbourhood, on the one hand, rife with poverty and unemployment, and on the other hand is also adjacent to a historic tourism site (Coptic Cairo with its ancient churches, synagogue and mosque). We aim to offer training opportunities in the arts for the Fustat residents to generate income and improve their livelihoods. We also aim to integrate the culture center with the tourism route of Old Cairo in collaboration with travel agencies and tourism authorities.


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