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Darb 1718
[img src=]1100Darb 1718
[img src=]120Wide view
[img src=]100Side view
[img src=]140Entrance
[img src=]90Darb 1718
[img src=]120View from the roof
[img src=]120The garden
[img src=]50The pottery oven
[img src=]40The pottery oven
[img src=]50The pottery oven
[img src=]110Roof
[img src=]40The pottery oven
[img src=]40The roof
[img src=]30The roof
[img src=]30Upper oven room
[img src=]80The view
[img src=]40Darb 1718
[img src=]50Darb 1718
[img src=]40Darb 1718
[img src=]30Darb 1718
[img src=]50Second floor hall
[img src=]60Second floor hall
[img src=]60Ground floor hall
[img src=]60Glass ceiling
[img src=]70Glass ceiling
[img src=]80From inside
[img src=]90The pottery oven
[img src=]40The pottery oven
  • – Darb 1718 has a number of indoor and outdoor venues that can accommodate over 3000 people.
    – Main exhibition space consists of two floors of 420 m².
    – Garden of Cinema el Fourn is 400m².
    – An open square with a garden between the main building and the office of 1,200m².
    – An Annex (opened in March 2012) of 140m² serving as supplementary exhibition space and workshop.  It includes a terrace of 70m² in addition to office and storage facilities.
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