Kasr El Sham3 Street, Al Fakhareen – Old Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Nearest Metro Station : Mar Girgis
Tel. +2 (0) 27412129
Event Manager:
Ahmed Yehia
Use this email to ask for events and space rentals
Communication Manager:
Nourhan Refaat
Use this email to ask for media partnerships and other media inquiries
Projects Manager:
Yomna Osman
Use this email to ask for projects and collaborations
Workshops Coordinator:
Fatma Heiba
Use this email to ask for workshops
Opening Hours:
Saturday – Thursday
16:00 – 22:00
Located in the Fustat area of Old Cairo, Darb 1718 is surrounded by omnipresent archaeological treasures. The millennium-old Mosque of Amr Ibn el 'Aas (built in 642 AD and known to be the first mosque built on the African continent), the Babylon Fortress (1st Century AD), the Hanging Church (690-692 AD), the Greek Church of St. George (10th century) and the Coptic Museum (1910) are all walking distance from Darb 1718. These historic sites create a striking canvas for Darb 1718’s mandate. 

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