CAIROGRAPHIE Festival – First Edition Application Form




“Change is constant. Within the layers, complexity and rapidness of change, transitions occur. Transitions are reflected on us and by us, whether these transitions are inflicted or embraced, resurrected or created. What varies is the impact that transitions incite, both individually and/or collectively.

‘Art belongs to everybody and nobody. Art belongs to all time and no time’. The bittersweet relation where time intrigues, inspires and perhaps unwillingly defies change crowning time as the true essence of life and the leading force behind all transition.. -  ‘All art was once contemporary’.

The theme for CAIROGRAPHIE this year centers on the notion and perceptions of how change is conceived, accepted or equally resisted and rejected. The festival aims to explore the ability to perceive, observe and respond to such change leading to future transitions expressed visually through contemporary photography.”

Karim El Hayawan


General Rules and Regulations:


  • -The artist must be the author of the photos or videos submitted in his/her/their name.

  • -All participating artists must be Egyptians.

  • -Artwork shouldn’t have been shown in exhibitions inside Egypt before.
    -Artwork shouldn’t be taken before the year 2016.
    -Applications must contain a project statement, stating in it the description of the project and explaining the work’s relation to this year’s theme.
    -Submitted artwork files should be titled with the artist name, title of project and year of production. (E.g. AXYZ_ABY_2017)
    -There must be no border, logo, and copyright marks on the submitted photos or videos.
    -Photos must be uploaded in 300 dpi resolution and TIFF format.
    -Videos should be uploaded in a high quality, and ready for display.
    -Three visuals taken from each video must be uploaded in TIFF format and 300 dpi.
    -An artist can participate with a photography or video art project or both; with maximum of two projects regardless the category.
    -Accepted artwork may be used for promotional purposes of the festival.
    -Please fill in the application form and send the photography work as an attachement to
    -In case of video you can send the files through
    -Any artwork sent without filling in its application form will not be taken into consideration.
    -Application deadline is October 15th, 2017.
    -Accepted artists will be informed by email directly after the open call deadline.
    -Accepted artists will have to deliver their artwork printed and ready for display by maximum Saturday, October 28th 2017.






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