Artist Talk & film Screening: Simone Aaberg Kaern – Denmark

Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center is pleased to host the Danish artist Simone Aeberg Karen on 21 September at 2pm as part of the Arts for Peace & Freedom Festival supported by CKU. Simone will be giving a talk at 2 - 3 pm and she will be happily receiving your questions. Following the film screening of Simone Karen’s documentary “Smiling in a War Zone” - 77mins starting 3 pm.
Simone Aaberg Kærn (born in 1969 in Copenhagen) picks out the dream of flying as the central theme in her works and approaches the role of women in flying. With various media like photography, video and object art, she deals with the social, historical and political dimensions of aviation and joins them together in installations in the exhibition room.


In the process, the thoughts of unbound freedom in the open sky, that is associated with flying, is a recurring theme in the oeuvre of Aaberg Kærn. In 2002, the artist and trained pilot flew in her small plane from Copenhagen over the Hindukush to Kabul to realise an Afghani girl's dream of flying – an event that became an adventurous and risky journey interlinked with all the hurdles of today’s civil aviation. Also, the motif of the woman in the male-dominated aviation is perceived in many of her works.
Sky and space are playing fields for power and politics, but they are also equally the place of freedom and self-realisation.
Smiling in a War Zone”  (2005)  - 77mins
Danish artist Simone Aaberg Kærn reads in a newspaper about a teenage girl from Afghanistan whose dream is to become a pilot. Being a pilot herself Simone identifies with the girl and decides to make her dream come true. She buys a plane -- although the most expensive one she can afford is a forty year old Piper-Colt -- and begins the six thousand kilometre journey to Kabul. When she finally arrives at the border of Afghanistan the US military refuses her entry, but Simone is not willing to give up her fight for the freedom of the skies.


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