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Gamal Ez

Gamal Ez


Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Resistance

Gigi Lesso

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Images, Politics and Networks

Goran Hassnpour

Goran Hassanpour

Goran Hassanpour often uses his own experience for his practice of art, especially the memories that reminds him of his past. The memories are important and also gives satisfaction to the ego. Another aspect of his work is the subtle undertone of a political notion which only comes through in slightly naive and sometimes very absurd expressions in the work. During 2010 he participated in shows in the Swedish Institute in Paris, France and in the Nordic Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718:
25th of January
Fames, Family

Guillermo Vargas

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Images, Politics and Networks

Guy Wouete

Guy Wouete

Guy Wouete, born in 1980, lives and works in Douala, Cameroon. In his work Guy Wouete researches the symbolic languages that translates a real emotion or feeling into form. He questions what people hold back in our modern society, what symbolic languages are present and how he himself can translate a real emotion or feeling, instead of using a formal and faithful rendition of the subject or theme. He applies a range of media such as drawing, painting, photography or video in his reach for the musicality of an image, sound, word, phrase and gesture.

As a ‘self educated’ artist Guy Wouete took part in several workshops and residences in Douala, SPC in Mbalmayo and Centro Colombo Americano, Columbia, South America. Most recently he was selected for the Dak’art Biennial 2006 in Senegal and received 5th price, besides a nomination of the price of the Jean-Paul Blachère Foundation, Dakar / Senegal. During his three month stay at the Thami Mnyele studio in Amsterdam (2006) Guy Wouete took part in the exhibition Sur le Chemin de l’Émigration at Galerie 23 in Amsterdam.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: The Biennale of Bamako 2009 edition

Hadir Hammam

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Parallel Visions

Hagar Masoud

(B.1989 in Cairo)

Hagar MasoudHagar Masoud was born in 1989 in Cairo where she still lives and work. She studied at the Faculty of Art Education of the Helwan University. She uses different media such as photography, audio and open source software.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Hiwar

Hala Abushadi

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Khadra

Halim ElKarim

Halim ElKarim

El Karim was born in 1963 in Najaf, Iraq and now lives and works in Holland. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad in 1998 and from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in 1999. To escape from the Iran–Iraq war, he went to live in the Iraqi desert, seeking refuge among the Bedouins. In this community, a woman initiated him into the secrets of magic and medicinal plants. He lived in a hole in the ground that had a roof with a hole in it which enabled him to observe forms in the sky. This ‘ceiling’ was like a camera through which he could observe the world. This experience led him to photography. He worked on his negatives by first scratching and colouring them. He would then scan them and draw on the resulting image. The photo would then be wrapped in black silk. These various stages represent different temporalities simultaneously. It was war that had led him to enter another temporality, providing an outlet for him to confront his fears and worries. In “Goddess”, he wrapped the gods and goddesses in fabric reminiscent of a bandage to dress the wounds of their souls caused by their suffering in love.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Traversées / Crossings

Hamdy Reda

Hamdy Reda

Reda is a contemporary Egyptian visual artist and curator born in 1972. He lives and works on the outskirts of Cairo. Reda’s background as a painter (graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Helwan in 1997) as well as his experiments with photography, forms a very solid artistic foundation for his artwork. Reda's work has been exhibited at many venues in Egypt as well as around the world.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Uncovered

Hanna Sabet

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Parallel Visions

Hannu Raisa

Raisa was born 1965 in Pieksämäki, Finland and now lives and works in Hämeenlinna, Finland

Hannu Räisä started his puppetry studies at Pieksämäki folk high school from 1992 till 1994. During his studies he was participating in two important plays: The Wizard of Oz, dir. Pauli Mahlamäki 1992 and Cocktail-marionette show, dir. Vladimir Ordin 1994.

He continued his studies at Turku school of Art and Communication between 1994-1997.

He was a student trainee at Marionetteatern, Stockholm, Sweden 1996 – 1997 and had special studies at puppet master Thomas Lundqvist’s Workshop in Stockholm 1997 where he learned very sophisticated Japanese style bunraku-technique. He was awarded with Graduate Diploma 1000 FiM at Turku school of Arts and Communication.

After studies in Turku he started as a full time professional puppet designer and puppeteer at Marionetteatern, Stockholm, Sweden between 1998 and 2000. The main plays for him was Andrejs längtan, dir. Michael Meschke/Helena Nilson, 1997, as leading puppet role; Faust, dir. Michael Meschke 1997, playing the main puppet role of the old and young Faust and Hans Wurst, the clown, and Apokalypse, dir. Meschke 1998 and Happy Hour, dir. Alvarez 1999.

After moving back to Finland he continued his carrier in Theatre Mukamas, Tampere, Finland between 2000 – 2002 where he worked as a puppet player, puppet designer and an actor. The main plays were Pinocchio, dir. Jakub Krofta, 2001 and H.C.Andersen´s Stupid John, dir. Mansi Stycz, 2002.

In 2002 Hannu Räisä started his work as a Regional Artist of Puppet Theatre in the Art Council of Häme-region, based at Hämeenlinna, Finland. He was producing and performing the plays: Clown Rudolf 2003, Tyhjän Päällä 2005 (together with musician Marko Haavisto, artist Juan Pedro Fabra and director Jukka Heinänen). He was also organizing puppet theatre tours and festivals in the Häme-region. In 2009 he published “Nasty Puppet” (Johnny Kniga) about Japanese bunraku-technique. After finishing his work in 2009 he was awarded a Golden Medal of Honour from the Association for Amateur and Professional Theatres in Finland.

Since 2009 he has been the artistic leader of Nasty Puppet Promotions and The Royal Puppet Theatre of Häme, producing and constructing a full-sized horse puppet for Arto Paasilinna´s play Warhorse at Tampere City Theatre, dir. Tommi Auvinen 2010. The Royal Puppet Theatre of Häme produced two plays in 2010: Kaboom!!!- political satire for adult audience and Ulf Stark´s Kan du vissla Johanna? for children.

Hannu Räisä has been performing in several festivals around the world, for example:

Hydra, Greece: 1995 International puppet theatre festival (Apocalypse)

Budapest, Hungary: 1996 UNIMA- festival

Charleville-Mezieres, France: 1996 Dream play

Braunschweig, Germany: 1997 International puppet theatre festival (Faust)

Delhi, India: 1998 International puppet theatre festival (Faust)

Stockholm: 1998 UNIMA-Baltic- festivals (Faust)

Tampere: 1999 International puppet theatre festival (The Silly People)

Tampere: 2002 International puppet theatre festival (Pinocchio)

Oulu: 2005 International puppet theatre festival (Tyhjän Päällä)

Hämeenlinna: 2007 Hippalot-children festival (Kauas Pois Kotiin)

In Finland Hannu Räisä is one of the leading puppet theatre educators in puppetry, puppet design and puppet technical constructions. He has been teaching in several schools in Finland and Sweden, specialised for teaching Japanese style Bunraku-technique. Mr Hannu Räisä is a member of Finnish UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette) and an International Councillor for UNIMA-Finland

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Fames, Family

Hany El Zorkany

Hany El Zorkany

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: 25th of January

Hany Rashed

Hani Rashed

Hani Rashed was born in 1975 in Cairo where he lives and works. Known for his collages and work on wood panels, he uses an artificial palette of colors in typically naïve drawings. In his collages he often uses images taken from magazines such as Paris Match or Bild Zeitung where he adds paint which withdraws meaning from the image, most often from painting the faces entirely white. Rashed has exhibited his work in spaces like Witte de With, the Thessaloniki Biennale, Cape Town Biennale and the Dak'Art Biennial.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718:
The outcome of the “Collage Workshop”
Fames, Family

Hend ElKolali

Exhibitions at Darb 1718:


Heba Salah

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: 

The outcome of the “Collage Workshop”

Hesham Labib

Hesham Labib

Born to a German mother and an Egyptian-Sudanese father, El Zeiny thus grew up in a multi-cultural and religiously very tolerant environment. He attended the German school in Cairo, which provided him with a solid formation in the formation of language, which assisted him as he took many trips to various places around the world in his youth.

Initially, He studied architecture at the Fine Arts Faculty of Cairo. While this study didn't stand in his way of his great passion for the arts, it did in fact led him to his career as an artist for over 25 years.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: 
25th of January 

Hesham El Zeiny

Hesham El Zeiny

Born to a German mother and an Egyptian-Sudanese father, and therefore grew up in a multi-cultural and religiously very tolerant environment. I attended the German school in Cairo, which provided me with a solid formation in languages formation, which assisted me as I took many trips in various places around the world in my youth.

Initially, I found myself studying architecture at the Fine Arts faculty of Cairo. While this study didn't stand in way of my great passion in arts, it did in fact lead me to my career as an artist for over 25 years.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: El Kobz / Bread

Hosam Hodhod

Hosam Hodhod

Hodhod was born in Cairo in 1978 where he continues to live and work. He graduated from the Faculty of Art and has been working in the field of art media since 2000. His work includes performance and video. He participated in many workshops and shows for ten years.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Uncovered


Hussein Ismail

Ibrahim Saad

A visual artist who lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. He received my BA degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He is now working at the Jesuit Center in Cairo as Coordinator for the Visual Arts Program. In the past, he has participated in Townhouse Gallery’s “Sawa” workshop and “Sawa Generation”. In addition, he has taught art to children at the Artellewa Gallery. His work can be considered as an investigation into the depths of the human soul. He tries to find new ways of communicating human emotions. He uses himself as a model in his performances, photographs and videos.

Exhibitions at Darb 1718: Maspero

Imane Shoukry

Inoor Zeitoon

Ingrid Mwangi

Isaac Martínez

Isidro Con Wong

Islam Shabana

Ismail Bahri

Isoje Iyi Eweka Chou

Jack Beng-Thi

Jacqueline Benz

Jacquline George

James Owino Ogonga

Jasmine Soliman

Jimmy Ogonga

Joëlle Flumet

John Palmesino

Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena

Kader Attia

Kamal Moneir

Karim El-Tobgy

Karim Keizer

Karina Shalaby

Karla Diaz

Khadija Hamdi

Khaled Hafez

Khaled Ramadan

Khaled Serag

Khaled Serour 

Laura Serani

Leah Robertson

Lotta Antonsson

Loulou Cherinet

Lura Kandle

Lysa Flores

Magda Maamoun

Mahmoud Farag

Malak El-Shazly

Mamdouh El-Kassifi

Margarita Abouissa

Maria Ioro

María Alós

Mariam Faried

Maricel Alvarado

Mario Madrigal

Marvin Goldstein

Marwa ElShazly

Marwan El Gamal

Mary Ghabrial

Maurizio Lazzaro

May El Hossamy

Melina Nicolaides

Meriem Bouderbala

Melina Nicolaides

Michket Krifa

Milena Bonilla

Mina Nasr Tadros

Moataz Nasr

Mohamed Khalifa 

Mohamed Monaiseer

Monir El Shazly

Mohamed Allam


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