Anatomy of Shades, Photography Exhibition by Lama El Sherif


Lama shares pieces of herself and thoughts to the public to know who she is. With the use of monochrome effect to exclude the color of the photo so the audience's eyes catch the glimpse of the emotion. That's why its called Anatomy of shades as a metaphorical description of going deeper in the photo. During the exhibition, video will be shown for the rest of her work and different people with quotes she wrote about and how she perceives them. 

Lama El Sherif, 21 years old, mass communication student, majoring in Journalism. Lama is also self portrait/portrait photographer using monochrome effect in her photos. Her passion for photography was discovered when she was in her teens, She started photographing in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the idea of self portraits and portraits to express her emotions through photos rather than words. 
Statement: The Project, Anatomy of Shades (تشريح الظلال) is based on the emotions rather than the color through the picture. You don't see the color, you see the emotion.

لمي الشريف. 
فنانة مصرية، مواليد ١٩٩٦. تدرس حالياً بكلية الاعلام فى جامعة مصر الدولية و تخصصها الصحافة. لمى مصورة بورتريه و بورتريه شخصى بالابيض و الاسود.

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