An artistic experiment between music, installation and dance: Deserts





Music, Installation and Dance on Tuesday, 6 November, 2012 at 8pm
Deserts — an abstracted temporary landscape

by Anna Schoelss, Nela Adam and Marcel Saegesser
An extreme and maybe even aggressive reduction of content, material and form to its essence; focusing us to perceive only a few singular aspects, knowing that they can only be fully perceived this way. In between the contrasts of silence and loudness, emptiness and fullness, calm and acceleration a huge space opens up, leaving room for imagination – a manifestation of our passion for the absent, the not visible in between the visible respectively the not audible in between the audible.

Anna Schölß – space design & video
Nela Adam – dance
Marcel Saegesser – sound installation
Lia Sáile – video & documentation
plus Egyptian guest artists
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