ACT's Theater workshop for Young People

ACT's Theater workshop





"mar/you/net" - Marionette Workshop


Marionette WorkshopInstructor: Ebtihal Mustafa
The main theme of the workshop is based on the implementation of the marionette puppets in an innovative, conceptual way, out of the ordinary and conventional methods.
We combine different materials and re-use them to form innovative puppets.



Stand Up Comedy Workshop


Stand Up ComedyInstructor: Rams Boraie
This Stand-up Comedy workshop focuses on how to further the participants’ comedic abilities.
Participants learn how to write material, how to perform it, how to read crowds and deal with hecklers.
By the end, participants are given the chance to organize a show and perform in front of an audience.


Andy Shallal workshop with Standup Comedians and Poets


Stand Up Comedy

Instructor: Andy Shallal
Performance workshop: Featuring servers who sing, dance, play and perform while serving dinners, Busboys and Poets is a chain of restaurants owned by artist, activist, and restaraunteur Andy Shallal. Learn how to nurture your talents in poetry, performance, and stand up comedy, while also keeping your day job.



Spoken Word and Performance Ready, Set, Go on Stage!"

Spoken WordDuration: 4 sessions of 3 hours
Building confidence and professionalism.
Bringing each developed piece of text or spoken word to a standard that one can perform; working on voice, rhythm, projection, stance and movement, character, dramatization, direction, re-writes and edits.
Getting you ready to go on stage and do your thing as well as you can!!!



"Hit and Run" Theatre Workshop


Hit and RunInstructor: Masra7 Masha3
Hit and Run workshop is a theatre workshop based on your personal story, to explore moments of conflict in which our communication skills did not help us.
In a time of such uncertainty and loss of control over our future, we have to wonder why as a community, in many moments we end up with violent solutions. As a branch is to a tree, we are as individual’s vital parts of the bigger organism that is our society. We have to wonder, how have the personal one-on-one incidents where we have failed to explain ourselves contributed to a bigger conflict? (If at all)
As vague as the hypothesis might sound, even us as the younger generation can remember a time where a dispute on the street ended with less punches and screams. Have the voices in our heads mislead us and harmed more than helped us in resolving such situations?

Through theatre games, we will create short skits based on our personal story where we have experienced a loss of control that led us to not knowing what to do. We will create a safe creative space that helps us rebuild those moments so that we can present them, and work through them with our community.

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