coppersmithing workshop

July, 2013.


The course is given by Abdek Hakim Sayed Abdel Hakim.
Description of the Workshop:
1- During the first 2 days, participants are introduced to how to draw & execute patterns such as plants & geometric motifs. With this training, the participants will come up with ideas for projects to work on during the workshop.
2- Professional and technical training in working with crafting, designing and processing a model to be implemented on a larger scale (ie. Copper dishes, boxes or accessories)
3- Learning the craft of engraving on strips of copper 20 x 20 cm. 
4 - Learning how to hammer on copper foil 10 × 10 cm.
5- How to do the finishing by welding the copper and the techniques of oxidative coupling and polishing.
6- At the end of the workshop the participant can take 2 of the final products and leave one piece to be exhibited in an art exhibition at Darb 1718.
Workshop is given in English and Arabic
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