Dance Theatre Performance   


Florence Moutin (choreographer)
Nermine Elkeiy (dancer)
Blas Gimeno (scenography and video)
Wael Alaa (exprimental electronic musician)

Choreographer Florence Moutin has often wondered about how different movements or dances can apply different interpretations to the same text. She has been intrigued by the two-way relationship between text and movement; how text can inspire movement and how movement can give life to text.

Echo is based on Robert Musil's Flypaper. This text describes, with graphic detail, all the motions and emotions of the struggle with captivity; the alternation between action and surrender. It portrays the instinct to survive and the possibility of despair. It is easy to realize that the text is not only about a captive fly. It is clearly a representation of every one of us; a representation of humanity gesticulating towards its destiny.

This performance is the echo of Robert Musil's text. Will it echo inside of you?


About us  

Florence Moutin Choreographer and Writer
Florence has practiced contemporary dance for 15 years with French and foreign choreographers like Marie-Hélène Desmaris, Josette Baïz, Bernard Menaut, William Petit, Maalem Eddy, Claire Brunet, Emilio Calcagno, Veronique Larcher, Julie Stanzac, Nina Dipla, and Atsushi Takenuchi.

She is the choreographer for the French group Corps-texte and she is currently questioning the links between dance and writing. In this performance, she is interested in the memory of the place. She conducts writing workshops and artistic practice (dance writing workshops).

She is also the author of illustrated stories (Editions RAPEL).

She holds a Masters degree in Modern Letters and a Masters in Linguistics.


Nermine Elkeiy Art Director / dancer
Nermine was raised in France and graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris. Echo is her second dance-theatre performance. She performed in 2009 Le petit Mort, with choreographer Bridgette Loriaux.

Nermine is an Art director who has worked in advertising for more than ten years. She has developed and face lifted “brand Identities” for more than 40 brands, local and international. She just launched a concept she refers to as `human identity` :Face to face, Moi face à face. This service creates visual Identities for Individuals.


Blas Gimeno Artist
After training as an excavation photographer in Syria and a course in Visual Arts at the University of Provence, Blas developed several skills: drawing, painting, sculpture, and object design.

Blas has participated in group exhibitions as well as individual exhibitions of his own work. During the 1980s and 1990s, he produced several videos including Winter, Cubimages, and Echo. Along side his work as artist, he has pursued publishing activities.

He is the co-founder, illustrator, and graphic designer for Les Cahiers de Chabramant; the graphic designer for "Éditions de la Rue Champollion"; and the illustrator for several books published by Claude Lemand (such as Marguerite Yourcenar and The Last Love of Prince Genghi).

Blas is also scenographer (Centenary of the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology in the palace Munira, Cairo , 2007; Europe - Egypt : A long cooperation Archaeological Museum in Cairo , 2009). 


Wael Alaa Experimental Electronic Musician
Wael is a self-taught keyboardist and producer. He has been entertaining audiences nearly his entire life as he started playing and performing in music bands at the age of 12.

He started his solo career as a signed artist at the age of 15 with The English Label (Border Community Records), Pulse Radio, MLK Radio ( Germany ). In 2006 Wael signed his first artist album ''Bumble chords'' with The German Label (Kally Mile). In 2007 he won the 3rd prize and the special prize in competition by the legendary music DAW 'Ableton Live'.

In 2009 Wael formed Neobyrd (Electronica/Pop Project). Neobyrd is an Egyptian electronica/pop project which quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be described as a lone genre, but rather encompass pop, dance, electronica, funk, acid, experimental and mixture of others.The band is also well known for their robotic voices using the vocoder

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