15 - 27 September, 2012


All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ”

-Pablo Picasso
Children have their own original language to communicate with the world around them. They usually use this language to reflect their visions, dreams and hopes which are sometimes difficult for adults to comprehend.
Children express themselves genuinely and transparently without any pretence. To add to this, they are in a continuous state of creation that is spontaneous and alive. This state of creation can be illuminating and awe-inspiring for us adults. We contemplate a child's creation and we feel nostalgic to reunite with the child within

Participating Young Artists:
Janna Mohammed Hamdi Faried, Eman Abdel Fattah gharieb, Abram Amgad, Amira Abdel Menaem, Zina Mohammed El Zanaty, Rawan Mohammed Hassan, Khosho3 Wael Ahmed, Farida Fadly, Aida Fadly, Mahmoud Khaled Ezzeldin, Mani Parree, Ali Hicham El Koussi, Adham Yasser Abdel Rahman, Riem Yasser Abdel Rahman, Jean-Luc Marchina “Mobile Art”, Mariam Nour, Rawan Khaled Nassar, Gawaher Reda, Abdu Ahmed Zainhom, Shaza Ayman

Curator: Amira Parree
Performance: Mohamed Quessny
Photography: Sylvia Riewendt  

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