Feb 5 / Feb 27 – 2010 

A woman's eyes are her greatest asset. Cast low, aglow, full of lust, love, enchanting, disenchanted. 'Beauty, in the Eye of the Beholder' is a disturbing rendition of womanhood; one of a pair of video works portraying two woman who are the pivotal point for this solo exhibition of IngridMwangiRobertHutters work. 'Constant Triumph' is an homage to Mwangi’s sister, who died at an early age. The video captures the last phases of her life, through the fear, hope and final acceptance of the most difficult moment of life. Between these, emerge further videos and photo works that together sketch out the remembrance of a human family; where the artist presents their own vulnerable bodies as canvases for poetry, and children appear in photographical scenes, seeming to whisper enticingly to us.

Participant artists
Ingrid Mwangi, Robert Hutter 

- Quiet sadism sweeps old Cairo


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