Nov 15 / Dec 10 – 2010 

Frantz fanon once wrote that the Sahara desert was probably going to be the main obstacle to the unity of African people. Unfortunately, time has proven him right. Though Africa exists as a physical and geographical space, it has not yet found a way to become a philosophical, political and brotherhood entity. We still consider each other, from both sides of that frontier that was built by colonial history and political choices, as strangers. If for many Africans in the south of the desert, Egypt still represents the mother land, the place of all beginnings, for the northern part of the continent, blackness still means lack of humanity, underdevelopment, and so on. Yet, we share the same fate, and we won’t be able to take our share in human history if we are not able to sit at the welcome table and exchange.

The future of African is not outside, but inside the continent. Where, until these days, the politicians have failed to fulfil the dream of the fathers of the African Union, it is up to the artists to take the lead and to show what Africa is capable of. The show Beyond the desert has no other purpose but to spread that message. In gathering six artists from black Africa and six from Egypt, we intend to show that what we share in common is much stronger than our differences. Because art has no boundaries, nor geopolitical issues. It is the expression of individuals who are trying to tell their feelings, their reflections, their angers and their fears about the Here and Now.

Beyond the desert is an equation that seeks to show that, the more we are, the more united, the better.

Participating artists
Ahmed Bassiouny (Egypt), Amal Kenawy (Egypt), Andrew Tshabangu (South Africa / Paris), Atokena Lakareber Abe (kenya), Bili Bidjocka (Cameron / France), James Owino Ogonga (kenya), Mohamed Abdelkarim (Egypt), Myriam Abd El Aziz (Egypt / USA), Ola Saad (Egypt), Omar Khodeir (Egypt), Peterson Waweru Kamwathi (kenya), Prina Shah (kenya / England) 
Curator Simon Njami
Special thanks to artist Ingrid Mwangi


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