Self and Land

Self and Land

May – 2009 

There is some correlation between the psychoanalyst and the archeological explorer. Both deal with layers that are ancient and in both cases there will be discoveries, treasures and symbols … and there will be reports.
There is also the time factor: the creation, formation and discovery of time.
Finding the truth is a very tough process; it takes lots of sacrifices. But truth is so worth it. Truth is the companion of light. And light reveals the layers… and brings it back to life.

Construction and Sculpting
He imitates nature's work in the accumulative construction of rock clusters, solid blocks and clogged shapes. Then comes the sculpture…Why is he sculpting a block he did not create himself? Why?
He does it to enjoy the feeling of 'creation' and existence … of composition and then he follows it with sculpture… his voluntary treatment of that existence.
He creates a pile similar to a mountain, then he opens up a whole in it like a window to the inside and then he digs in again as an instinctive reaction that will lead him to more discoveries. Many worlds reveal themselves to him.
When we follow the human journey, we will find that he is tightly connected to the hole. He created his own hole to hide in it, to feel warm and secure, as a replacement of his mother's womb.
He wants to remain there until he goes back to that safe and secure place.
But what if he is driving by a hidden force to re-dig again and again? Is he searching or hiding?
But if you dig deeper and deeper one day you meet the light… face to face. Suddenly life is found once again.

How beautiful is life!
Discovery is the rebirth after death and all the credit goes back to the light.
The light is the real life.

Participating artists
Salah Boutros Gabra
Curator Darb 1718


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